We're ecstatic to share that our self-developed and designed workshop on sexuality, called A/Sexuality 101, has been selected by the organizers to be presented at the Queer Asia conference at the University of London this June!

The organizers realize that Asexuality is more often than not under-represented and misunderstood, even within the queer community. They'd like us to change that at one of the biggest congregations of queer activists and leaders- https://queerasia.com/qa18-a-sexuality-101/

We believe this is a tremendous opportunity to facilitate Asexual visibility and inclusion. ​​

Unfortunately, we have NO source of funding to get there. The conference organizers are unable to compensate for any of our expenses either. The total cost of the trip, even when booking the cheapest flight and the cheapest hostel, comes close to 1,00,000 INR or 1500 USD.

We're struggling to make it work without burdening the entire cost on just ONE person's pocket. If you can, please consider contributing an amount convenient to you via the following routes:

1. Preferred mode would be a direct bank transfer to the following account-

  • Bank name: ICICI 
  • A/c no.: 136201500825 
  • A/c holder's name: Pragati Singh 
  • Branch: New Delhi, Green Park, 0071 branch. 
  • IFSC code: ICIC0000071

2. Alternatively, please contribute at https://paypal.me/drpragati in a currency of your choice from anywhere in the world.


3. OR send via https://www.instamojo.com/@IndianAces

4. OR PayTM to the following scan code

All (except the paypal route) have been tried and tested and should work. We're new to Paypal but that should work too. These were all the safe and secure methods of online payment we were aware of.

In exchange of your contribution, we're happy to offer you whatever we can, including and not limited to any kind of online consultation, participation at one of our events, a shout-out and acknowledgement on social media and our website. We're open to other ideas and would love to hear from you.

For anything, write to IndianAcesFTW@gmail.com and we will get back in touch.

Thank you for considering being a part of our collective success for the cause Asexuality! <3

Help Asexuality reach the Queer Asia conference!